What is needed to get started with Java?

1- What is needed to get started?

To start programming with Java you need two things
JDK (Java Deverlopment Kit)
JDK is a set of development tools in Java , it is use  for Java programmers to develop applications. Basically it consists of:
  • JRE (Java Runtime Environment) is a  environment run Java application.
  • Javac: A program to compile the code you write into bytecode, when Java application  run, it translates bytecode into machine code and executed, it means just bytecode  is one  intermediate code.
  • Archive (jar) is a program compressed files into a single file ending in jar. Often used for packaging class files.
  • Javadoc: A tool to create documentation using the API.
  • And other tools needed for Java developers.
IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
Is an integrated development environment (IDE), essentially it is a program for you to write code. This program supports many automatic features for developers. Such suggestions when programming, completing the code, ...
With Java you have many choices IDE, it is a tool to write code. Popular and most commonly used today is Eclipse and NetBeans.
In this document, as well as most of the instructions on o7planning we will use Eclipse.

2- Downloading and Installing Java (JDK)

You can see the instructions to download and install Java at:

3- Downloading, Installing and Configuring Eclipse

You can see the instructions "Download, install and configure Eclipse" at:

4- Quick learning Java for Beginners

You can start learning Java with document "Quick learning Java for Beginners":